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Purchase & Licences

How to buy a Pandora FMS product.

Buying a product in Pandora FMS shop is easy. Choose the license/training that best suits your business needs, add it to the cart, complete the form with the billing information and proceed to payment. In all cases, a person will contact you after payment to give you the license and/or access codes. If you pay on the weekend, you will not receive the details until the next working day.

How do I get my license?

Once the payment has been validated, a person will send you by email your license code and download addresses, as well as the necessary documentation for the first steps. If you pay over the weekend, you will not receive the details until the next working day.

How is Pandora FMS licensed?

By the maximum number of agents you can manage. An agent is a device or information container. In each agent there is no limit of information to monitor, it can be an Oracle server with tens of instances, a 48 ports switch of which you want to know tens of metrics per port, or a web page with tens of metrics and tests.

Although most of Pandora FMS licenses are agent-based, the NMS version is specially designed for network environments where you need to monitor few metrics per device, so it is licensed per metric, not per agent. This is the NMS Enterprise version.

If the license I buy now falls short in the future, can I buy a higher version?

Yes, you can upgrade to a higher license at any time by paying the difference in price, depending on when you upgrade your license. To do so, please contact us indicating the current license and the version you want to upgrade to.

Can I combine two licenses if I need more agents?

It is not possible to combine two licenses. Pandora FMS only accepts one license key. If you need to increase the number of agents you must upgrade to a higher license by paying the price difference.

Can I switch from subscription model to perpetual?

Only in the normal Enterprise version, not in the Lite version.

What is the difference between a perpetual license and a subscription license?

The perpetual license keeps on working even if you do not renew the support, while the subscription license only works when renewed, annually.

On-premise or SaaS?
You can purchase on-premise licenses or our MaaS (monitoring as a service) solution.
Pandora FMS Licenses


What is the payment method?
We only accept credit card payments through Stripe, a leader in e-commerce. The bank details (e.g. credit or debit card number or expiry date) will be transmitted via an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption protocol to the bank providing the respective remote electronic payment services, without any third party being able to access them under any circumstances.
Can I pay month to month?

At this moment we do not have monthly payment plans. If you want to try the enterprise version, we recommend you to request a fully functional trial for 30 days. Request it now in our website.

Pandora FMS payment

Services & Support

What does support include?
All kinds of questions and problem solving. In case you find any software failure, the support service will guide you to a temporary solution (workaround) and inform you when it will be solved in a definitive way, through an official patch or update.
Can I buy more support tickets?

Yes, contact us for additional support packages, implementation help, specialized consultancy, custom plugin development or anything else you may need.

Do you offer professional services for installation?

Yes, contact us for additional support packages, implementation help, specialized consulting, custom plug-in development or anything else you may need.

Steps to install Pandora FMS

Check our online documentation here.

How can I test the product, how long?

You have a 30-day trial Enterprise version. Request it now in our website.

Pandora FMS support

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